About us

History in the making

SAO Fishing was founded in August 2017 as a fishing team out of Destin, FL by founders Jacob & Kristi Austin.  Our team found that it was hard to find apparel that met the challenges of performance and style.  We wanted a product that could provide us with protection from the elements as well withstand the harsh marine environment of offshore fishing yet could be sporty and stylish for dinner Boshamps (If you have not been, you’re missing out).  We started looking and trying different products, some were good. some were not. While in the Keys on a fishing trip we decided to develop our on-product line and Salty Access Offshore Apparel was born.  We’re a Florida Based company in the Tampa Bay area and still fish every chance we get. We strive to manufacture most of our products in the USA and have pledged to manufacture our apparel with the environment in mind. We carry a full line of products that are made from recycled plastics removed from the world oceans and participate in beach and waterway clean ups.  If you see us at a fishing event stop by. We are adding new products regularly so come back and check us out.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Protect yourself, protect environment
Reduce pollution

To ensure a sustainable future for our planet, we use resources we have available in better ways. We can only end marine plastic pollution in the long run if we invent smarter materials.

Increase recycling

Using recycled plastics in the production of fabric has many positive effects on the environment, like reducing the plastic waste in the oceans; fewer carbon emissions and less water used in the production.

Spread awareness

We invest to transform waste into innovative textiles. By wearing SAO Earth gear, you not only protect yourself and the environment, but also spread awareness to the rest of the community.

Reverse the unstoppable,
boost eco innovation

Recycling plastic waste and turning it into sustainable fabrics and other materials is a complex business, especially in an industry where innovation is so important. We investigate plastic waste streams and experiment to invent new innovative textiles.

Reverse the unstoppable. Current plastic is a design failure. At Salty Access we believe we can only end plastic pollution if we invent our way out of this mess. Our company is working on new materials and production methods to boost eco innovation.

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