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Facing plastic pollution in our oceans

Salty Access Offshore Apparel is designed to protect you from the harsh elements of offshore adventures. Weather your fishing, diving or just spending the day on the water, SAO products are developed for performance, comfort and style for men, women and youth. Our SAO Earth Collection is developed with the environment in mind using recycled fabric manufactured from water bottles and plastics removed from the world’s oceans.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Protect yourself, protect environment
Reduce pollution

To ensure a sustainable future for our planet, we use resources we have available in better ways. We can only end marine plastic pollution in the long run if we invent smarter materials.

Increase recycling

Using recycled plastics in the production of fabric has many positive effects on the environment, like reducing the plastic waste in the oceans; fewer carbon emissions and less water used in the production.

Spread awareness

We invest to transform waste into innovative textiles. By wearing SAO EARTH gear, you not only protect yourself and the environment, but also spread awareness to the rest of the community.

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